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Eazytech was founded in 2012 by Eleni Bouchli and Evangelos Zaoutis aiming at providing high-quality language, communication and digital services in Greece and abroad. We are proud of our network of professionals in various specialisation fields who have successfully passed our strict screening process. By selecting Eazytech, you can feel certain that your project is managed by an experienced team combining linguistic expertise and practical know-how.

Eleni Bouchli | Official Translator
Eleni is an official native Greek translator translating from English, French and Italian working in the business since 2007. She specialises in legal and technical translations. She holds a Master’s Degree (Hons.) in Political Analysis of Public and European Policies from the University of Crete and a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (DFLTI) from the Ionian University. She is a keen learner and devoted to lifelong learning.

Evangelos Zaoutis | Technical Translator and Developer
Evangelos is a technical translator with experience in digital design and application development. He holds a BSc in Electronics Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He has working experience as a Teaching Assistant (Member of the Academic & Research Staff) at the Department of Electronics of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He is an expert in new technologies and always interested in innovative ideas.